Every art has engineering, as engineering has art. An engineering process, no matter how well defined it may be, gives a result that is inevitably influenced by the people that worked on it. They make conscious and unconscious choices and alter the work’s shape in their image. There is art in it.

For me, art is a kind of engineering based on a science that we don’t quite begin to understand (yet). What I mean is that I think it can be methodized, framed within methods and principles.

I am Marc Wolvesheir. I am a software engineer, but most of all I feel like a fiction writer. Yes, engineers do write. Which is not a surprise at all, but a cool and memorable address for the blog.

The aim of this blog is not ambitious. There are lots of useful stuff out there already. I just want to share whatever I learn during my writing that I consider worth blogging. Why have a private notebook that might be useful to others?


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